“Stupid!” Sanusi berates voters who ask for money to travel back & vote, says PH supporters spend their own funds

Image credit: Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor

Regardless of whether the outcome has proven favourable or not, one thing still remains certain; Malaysians across the country and beyond were more than eager to carry out their civic responsibilities during the 15th General Elections. So much so in fact that the Elections Commission of Malaysia has said that this year’s polls may have witnessed some of the highest voter turnouts in the nation’s history, surpassing even that of the last General Elections held back in 2018.

PAS election director Sanusi scolds voters for expecting money just to vote

With that said, a speech delivered by PAS election director and incumbent Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor during a campaign event for the Padang Serai Parliament seat has recently resurfaced, where he could be heard heard berating voters who expected ‘transport money’ in exchange for them to return back to their home constituencies to cast their ballots.

Describing them as an ’embarrassment’, Sanusi insinuated that it was because of their calculative nature that has led to PAS failing to secure a decisive win and lost their chance to administer at a Federal level in government.

“Our votes are important! Forget about counting RM50, RM100, RM200 worth of petrol money! Stop counting!”

“They [PH supporters] understand the importance in assuming control of this land. And yet here you are, asking for RM50!” he said.

Drawing comparisons with voters from rival coalitions, Sanusi pointed to how Pakatan Harapan voters were willing to travel back from other countries in order to ensure that they could turn up at their ballot stations and vote.

“Those who are competing against us, are willing to come back from Taiwan, from China, from Singapore, from America, from Australia, and they never asked for a single penny (sekupang) for their fares. And they vote for Pakatan Harapan!”

Pointing out how some people refused to return to their constituencies to vote if they weren’t given at least RM50 to do so, he drew comparisons with how a family of four who allegedly voted Pakatan Harapan spent RM40,000 to travel from Australia back to Malaysia.

Following Sanusi’s speech, Digital Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has urged local authorities, including the Elections Commission, to investigate into the claims as they potentially alluded to cases of money politics.

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