Penang woman riding pillion falls from motorbike after coconut strikes her directly on the head

When we came upon the unfortunate incident of being pooped on by a bird, people would say that it was a sign of good luck. The reason may be the possibility of having a bird to dump on a person is relatively slim, therefore many claims this is a blessing in disguise. But what do people say about having a coconut falling on your head when you are riding a motorcycle? 

A blow to the head while riding on a moving motorcycle

Victim was riding on the back of the motorcycle when suddenly, a coconut fell onto her head. Image credits: Penang Kini via Facebook

On June 26, a motorcycle passenger met a series of unfortunate events, with the first one being hit on the head by a falling coconut. Penang Kini posted a dashcam video which recorded the entire incident that happened along Jalan Teluk Kumbar.

In the video, the victim was riding pillion on a motorcycle when suddenly a coconut dropped down and hit her head coincidentally. It made such a strong impact that the victim’s helmet flew off, and she fell off the motorcycle while it was still moving. 

Source: Penang Kini via Facebook

Fortunately, there were no cars on the other side of the road. The rider quickly slowed down and stopped her motorcycle on the roadside to rush to her passenger’s aid. Passersby also swung into action to control the traffic as they checked her conditions.

Facebook user Yaya Gani revealed in a post that the victim in the video was her mother and that she is currently being treated at Penang General Hospital. She suffered several injuries, with her right shoulder, left hand, and two ribs being broken. 

“She is still conscious, but under supervision in the hospital ward,” the daughter updated in her post.

Coconut trees asked to be cut down immediately

The incident has angered many netizens as these roadside’s coconut trees pose a hazard to road users there. The issue came to the attention of Bayan Lepas assemblyman Azrul Mahathir Aziz, who quickly rushed to the scene after he heard the news. 

He posted a statement on Facebook explaining that these coconut trees belonged to private owners. Furthermore, he requested 12 of these trees which could potentially endanger road users to be cut down. 

Source: ADUN PH N38 Bayan Lepas (Facebook)

On June 27, the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) approved the request and planned to chop down the trees in the following afternoon. 

“I was informed that the logging work will take place this afternoon. I would like to thank MBPP for their cooperation,” said Azrul.  

Unlike how cartoons portrayed it, coconuts falling on heads is no laughing matter nor luck as it can be fatal to victims. It is best to eradicate any slim chances before anyone gets hurt. 

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