Pedestrians unite to move illegally parked car that was blocking a bus, netizens commend their actions

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Every now and then, we might come across illegally parked cars when on the road. Unfortunately, not every case can be solved with a honk of a horn.

Pedestrians unite to move illegally parked car that was blocking a bus

A case of illegal parking gone bad. Source: Jehan Bakar (X)

Whether it’s taking time to call the number on the windscreen or honking endlessly, it’s a downright nuisance for everyone. But what happens when there is no number, and multiple honks don’t work?

This was exactly what went down near Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. X user Jehan Bakar shared a clip on the incident which has since gone viral. In the video, a RapidKL double decker bus can be seen attempting to squeeze its way around a corner.

“Why lah some people so inconsiderate when parking their car?”

Up to the pedestrians to save the day! Source: Jehan Bakar (X)

And, the culprit? A Blue Perodua Bezza car, parked on the oncoming lane! As a result, the bus was unable to move forward at all, as the vehicle had blocked off half the road.

Luckily, a group of passersby decided to take it upon themselves. Several men quickly rushed to move the car to the opposite side of the road. Soon, they managed to move the car out of the way, allowing the bus to pass through.

When yet another bus experienced the same problem. the men had to readjust the car nearer to the sidewalk. Eventually, the authorities arrived to tow the car away, putting an end to the dilemma. While many praised the pedestrians for their quick actions, users also expressed annoyance at the illegally parked car.

Netizens commenting on the issue. Source: Jehan Bakar (X)
“Only troubling others.” Source: Jehan Bakar (X)
Some users suggested solutions like reducing the amount of cars on the road, lower parking fee, more parking spaces or better law enforcement. Source: Jehan Bakar (X)

Like everyone, we hope that more actions can be taken to prevent such misdeeds from occurring. 

Watch the video here:

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