M’sian woman wreaks havoc by attacking students at a university after parking illegally

Parking illegally does come with certain risks, which people should be prepared to face if they were to do so. However, one woman did not take her punishment lightly, which resulted in an outrageous spectacle.

M’sian woman wreaks havoc by attacking students at private university

The woman asks students for help after being clamped for parking illegally. Source: UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 Facebook

A post was uploaded to the UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 Facebook page detailing the incident. A woman was reprimanded by the authorities for parking in an unauthorized spot. Indignant, she refused to pay the fine and began honking.

At first, the woman begged the person who shot the video to help her. But when it became clear that no one would, she began throwing money out of her car and spewing insults.

The woman starts getting out of control

The woman behaves erratically. Source: UTAR Confessions 2022/2023 Facebook

When the officers asked her to pick up the money, she abruptly got out of her car. The video shows her approaching one of the university students who appeared to be interviewing another student for a project.

The woman proceeded to request the student if she could borrow her phone to contact her daughter. But when the student denied permission, this sent the woman into a fit of rage. She can be seen snatching the phone from the student and hurling it onto the road.

Another post by U-Click’s Facebook page followed up on the matter. Once police came to the scene, the woman even asked them to remove their helmets as a sign of respect. Going so far as to physically assault the witness whose phone she had destroyed, the woman also attacked one of the policemen.

Eventually after multiple attempts to calm her down, the authorities managed to bring her into custody. It is reported that all affected parties are now under police protection, but the cost of the damages incurred are yet to be known.

We’re glad that no further harm was caused, and hopefully proper action will be taken against the offender.

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