M’sian student receives highest marks globally for ACCA exams while working 4 jobs

Image credits: Source: zizai_ via Instagram

Studying in a new country can be daunting for anyone as they have to face challenges in adapting to the culture and language there. Some are even required to work multiple jobs at once to fund their education, not to mention finding time to study. But in the case of a Malaysian who is currently staying in Australia, he was not just able to thrive while juggling four jobs, but even managed to achieve the unthinkable by scoring the highest marks in the ACCA examinations globally!

Young M’sian scored the highest ACCA paper 3 marks in the world

Nicholas studied for his degree and master’s degree in Australia. Image credits: zizai_ via Instagram

Currently residing in Australia, young Malaysian student Nicholas Hoe Zi Zai took the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exam back in September 2022, and has recently achieved an impressive feat of scoring the world’s highest ACCA mark in his 3rd paper. His top score of 86 in his “Advanced Financial Management” paper has nabbed him the top scorer title after beating many other candidates in that same exam.

Speaking to Wau Post, Nicholas revealed that he got into accounting because of his father who worked in the same field. He also described himself as someone who likes to help people in arranging and planning things, therefore he found this course to be suitable for him.

In order to earn more allowance for himself, the Johorean eventually took up four jobs while he was in Australia. Despite his busy working schedule, he always made time for his study by taking advantage of every free time he got.

“I would study during any rest time I get. I would also revise by waking up early at 6 am or when I was on the public bus,” he said.

He looks forward to what his future awaits

Source: zizai_ via Instagram

After receiving the news, Nicholas was thrilled to see that his efforts paid off but moreover, he was even happier to know that he finally passed his ACCA paper successfully.

“I feel that every candidate who went through this exam period has the same goal in mind: to pass the exam. Of course we’d be happy if we receive high marks, but normally we will only take it as a bonus, and not the main goal.”

He also clarified that luck is very important in exams, so he encouraged his peers to not give up in their exams. As long as they give their all into their studies, they will succeed in no time.

While discussing his future, Nicholas wished he would continue to work hard in whatever challenges he faces later in life.

“I’ll work hard in whatever challenges I may face, especially when I am about to seek jobs,” he said.

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