M’sian influencer gets beaten up in public after being suspected of flirting with married woman

The rise of Malaysian influencers has brought about many problematic scandals and stories, often leading to viral infamy overnight. And despite the fact that they continue to be derided by social media users across the local community, these incidents, whether legitimate or orchestrated, continue to play out on a pretty frequent basis locally. Only in this case, things may just have escalated a little out of hand.

M’sian influencer gets beaten up by two men in public

On September 4, a Malaysian influencer who is also known to work as a lawyer, was allegedly beaten up by two men in public. The incident happened at what appears to be a department store located inside Mid Valley Megamall.

One bystander recorded the fight and a netizen named Wacaooo小果 reshared it on Facebook. The video has garnered around 205k views and 644 likes.

The clip shows two men pulling the arms of the influencer during the brawl with many onlookers spectating them. Some even fished out their phones to record them while the influencer was being beaten up. A picture of some head and neck injuries inflicted on the influencer was also posted on the victim’s Facebook page, confirming that the entire fight did in fact take place.

He suffered some head and neck injuries after the incident. Image credits: 大马王力宏 via Facebook

“I have already lodged a police report,” he wrote in his caption.

He was suspected of flirting with a married woman

According to China Press, the influencer was suspected of flirting with a married woman, which angered the husband to the point of initiating a fight with the influencer. However, he denied this claim, stating that he had just met the lady.

“I didn’t mess around with anyone’s wife. Today (the day the fight occurred) was the first time we met, and we didn’t even know each other for more than 15 minutes.” he updated in his post.

The influencer dismissed the rumour stating that he flirted with a man’s wife since he did not know much about the lady. Image credits: 大马王力宏 via Facebook

In another video he uploaded, he explained that the woman approached him first to ask if he can accompany her on her shopping spree.

“I didn’t know if she was married or had a boyfriend. She just asked me to accompany her to buy clothes and shoes.”

“I didn’t even know if she was a boy or a girl.”

China Press reported that the influencer has already gone to the police to lodge a report and they are currently looking into the matter to determine the legitimacy of the public brawl.

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