M’sian fireman impresses netizens by communicating with carnival visitors using sign language

The authorities are well-respected for their dedication in ensuring safe living for all. And once again, the Malaysian fire and rescue department has shown another admirable value at a recent carnival.

M’sian fireman impresses netizens by communicating with carnival visitors using sign language

Recently at a carnival, a fire department officer showcased his sign language skills by interacting with carnival-goers. Source: @bombamalaysiaofficial (TikTok)

In a video posted by @bombamalaysiaofficial on TikTok, a fireman known as Hazman is seen practicing sign language. The 1-minute clip shows the officer interacting with members of the public at a carnival in Perak. He even cheers on visitors as he guides through the carnival activities, which included weightlifting.

Hazman’s presence at the Fire and Rescue Department’s booth attracted not only individuals with communication impairments. Others who were intrigued by his unique skills soon gathered around to witness him in action. Visitors were captivated by the seamless communication between Hazman and the differently-abled individuals.

Spreading awareness in a heartwarming display

Many praised Hazman for his empathetic nature. Source: @bombamalaysiaofficial (TikTok)

Besides creating a welcoming environment, Hazman also took the opportunity to educate visitors about the operations and responsibilities of the department.

The video showcasing Hazman’s communication with carnival-goers quickly went viral, garnering immense admiration and praise from netizens. Many were moved by his dedication and the impact he had on individuals with hearing or speech impairments.

“They should make sign language an additional subject in all schools, not just special stream classes.” Source: @bombamalaysiaofficial (TikTok)
“My parents also have hearing and speech impairments, they really enjoyed watching this video. Not many public staff know how to communicate with them. Good job.” Source: @bombamalaysiaofficial (TikTok)
“This fireman will go viral for sure, he even has a pleasant appearance to complete the package.” Source: @bombamalaysiaofficial (TikTok)

We’re sure Hazman’s actions have brought joy to a lot of people, and serves as a reminder to all of us to follow suit. Let’s always aim to make anyone and everyone feel included in our community, regardless of our differences. 

Watch the video below:


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