M’sian dog shelter faced with shortage of food, urgently implores for public for donations

One of the most essential needs we require in order to survive is food. But imagine how it would be if we were to run out of food? That would be an absolute disaster.

M’sian dog shelter faced with shortage of food

Happy Tails Shelter in Ipoh, Perak is running out of food for their dogs. Source: Happy Tails Shelter (TikTok)

Animal shelters are havens of hope for stray animals, providing them with safety, shelter, and nourishment. However, what would happen if the owners might not be able to provide?

One such shelter in Ipoh, Perak, is currently facing a dire situation. The Happy Tails Shelter, which houses numerous dogs, is running out of food to feed their furry residents.

“Our shelter furbabies need your help”

Please help to keep their tails ‘happy’. Source: Happy Tails Shelter (TikTok)

In a heartfelt plea for assistance, they have taken to social media to raise awareness and ask for donations. The Happy Tails Shelter has turned to social media, particularly TikTok, to shed light on their predicament.

In a touching video shared on their TikTok page, they showcase their beloved dogs while making a desperate appeal for support. The caption reveals that the shelter is slowly dwindling on dog food supply. And soon, there may not be any left.

“Our shelter furbabies need your help to keep their bellies full,” a caption reads in another frame. The video then pans to the yard, where the caretaker can be seen gently playing with the dogs.

Spreading love and saving lives

They welcome any donation in cash or kind. Source: Happy Tails Shelter (TikTok)

The Happy Tails Shelter emphasizes that every contribution, regardless of its size, can make a significant impact on the lives of the shelter dogs. They encourage individuals to donate dog food or make monetary contributions to enable them to purchase the necessary items.

So, how can you help? Whether it’s a large bag or a small can, every contribution matters. The Happy Tails Shelter accepts all kinds of dog food donations which you can make here.

Or, if you prefer to make a monetary contribution, the Happy Tails Shelter also welcomes financial support. Monetary donations allow the shelter to purchase dog food in bulk and ensure a steady supply for their furry residents. If you wish to make a monetary contribution, you can do so via banking. The details for making a donation are:

Name: Pertubuhan Pencinta Haiwan Terbiar Kasih Belaian Ipoh Perak

Bank: Public Bank

Account number: 3228993701

Remember, even the smallest contribution can make a significant difference in keeping these dogs alive and happy. Let’s make each offering count!

Watch the video below:

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