M’sian boy walked over 14km daily to get to school & pursue his dreams

During our primary or secondary school years, our transportation is mostly handled by our parents. Either by car, school bus or bicycle, there will always be a way for us to reach our schools so we can receive our education as required. However, little did we know that we were fortunate enough to even have transport to reach there. While some students are lucky to have parents fetching them to and fro, some need to walk for hours to go to their schools. 

Walking over 14km every day to school

Source: Peri Peya (Facebook

Thirteen-year-old Ayon Manson had to walk over 3 hours and 14 km to get to his former school, SK Terian. He resides in the Penampang district with his parents and 6 siblings. Ayon’s former teacher, Fera Erna Boris shared about his journey on her Facebook page.

“While many complain about their school bags being heavy, Ayon, an ex-student of mine at SK Terian is willing to walk for 3 hours alone, carrying a bag containing textbooks and other necessities from Terian to Sugud for the sake of his dreams,” she wrote on her caption.

Due to his family’s situation, he had to choose between helping out his family in his village or leaving for his secondary school education. It was a difficult decision for him since his parents can hardly provide for his education, which includes meals, uniforms and school expenses. 

Being from the same village herself, Fera was aware of his situation and wished to help him. She asked him if he wanted to continue his studies, and challenged him to find a way to get out of his village when he said yes. 

“I told him if you really want to go to school, you have to find the way out from there because I can’t help you to go out from there, and then he really did that,” she added.

Source: Peri Peya (Facebook

As a result, the teenager climbed hills and walked across muddy dirt roads just to reach his school. Fera was shocked at the fact that his only way of getting there was to travel by foot. Upon hearing the news from her mother, she quickly drove to his village which was quite far from the school. 

“The boy was already halfway up a hill after a three-hour hike,” she said.

Admired by his determination, Fera took a picture of Ayon and shared it with the netizens on Facebook.

Many came to his aid to help achieve his dream

Source: Peri Peya (Facebook

Fera’s post then gained the attention of many netizens, with a total amount of 1.6k likes and 1.2k shares. A lot of them have stepped up to help Ayon and provide him with the necessities he needs.

With help of his teacher and many generous people, he was able to enrol in SMK Datuk Peter Mountain, and earned a spot in his school hostel. As soon as he got in, many offered the boy school uniforms, stationery, and other necessities. 

It is heartwarming to see that all Ayon’s effort in receiving his education has finally paid off. We hope that he will continue to thrive in this new phase of his life. 

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