Klang man throws himself against oncoming car, escapes when he realises he got caught on dashcam

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It bears repeating that drivers now should consider investing in a dashcam of their own when behind the wheel of their cars. Acting as silent witnesses on the road, these dash cams can come in handy during unfortunate instances of accidents, or in some cases, provide visual evidence of other crimes taking place in the periphery of one’s car such as snatch thefts or break-ins.

Klang man tries to scam driver by throwing himself on his car

Above all, dash-cams are specially effective in protecting drivers from falling victim to insurance scams that have worryingly become more and more commonplace. This is especially true in a recent viral video that had been circulating over local social media, showing how a man had flung himself onto the path of an oncoming car in hopes of implicating the driver in an accident.

According to local law enforcement, the incident had taken place along Jalan Goh Hock Huat in Klang, at around 12.08pm on 7th April 2022. In the clip, the driver of the car could be seen making a left into a corner when a man standing in the middle of the street suddenly sprinted towards his vehicle.

Without any warning, the man then suddenly flung himself onto the oncoming car’s front, before landing with enough force on the windshield to leave a massive crack in its wake. He then slid down the hood of the car as a group of other people then suddenly emerged, appearing to check in on him.

‘Victim’ and ‘witnesses’ left the scene when realising they were caught on dashcam

However, upon being informed by the driver of the car that his antics had been caught on dashcam, both the group and the ‘victim’ promptly left the scene. Quoting North Klang OCPD Asst Comm S. Vijaya Rao, The Star reports that the driver of the car had lodged a police report after the incident.

“The pedestrian, who suffered minor injuries, left the location when told that the victim’s car was equipped with dash cam,” he said.

In an update by China Press, it has been revealed that the man has since been identified and detained by the police. The case will now be investigated under Section 336 of the Penal Code for causing endangerment.

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