M’sian animal shelter that has been running for 12 years is given an eviction notice, here’s how you can help

My Pets Haven is given an eviction notice. Source: My Pets Haven

My Pets Haven is a shelter that has been running in Malaysia for 12 years, and throughout all these years, the shelter was situated at one of the shop lots in Setia Alam. Just last week, Aunty Aileen, the owner of My Pets Haven was given an eviction notice by the landlord, asking for her to vacate by October 2023. Feeling distraught by the news, Aunty Aileen has shared a post on their Instagram, asking for the public’s help.

My Pets Haven shelter given eviction notice, asked to move within 5 months

Speaking to Wau Post, Janice who is a frequent volunteer has shared that ever since they’ve been given an eviction notice, they’ve started their hunt for a place to move. Unfortunately, despite roaming around, they’ve yet to find a shop lot that has been suitable.

“Although we’ve not found a suitable place yet, we’re thankful that several property agents have contacted us to help us out”, she said.

Aunty Aileen and her doggos. Source: My Pets Haven
Aunty Aileen and her doggos.
Source: My Pets Haven

Being a shelter that’s home to 40 dogs and 30 cats, Aunty Aileen has mentioned that the timeline they were given to relocate seems to be far-fetched but regardless of that she will try her best to make it happen. Subsequently, she revealed that one of the reasons relocating will be difficult because it’ll be costly to move all the animals.

Want to lend a helping hand? Here’s what you can do to save the furry friends

When asked about how the public is able to help, Janice mentioned that the public can begin by sharing the news around, encouraging people to adopt the animals in the shelter.

“By adopting the animals, we can reduce the cost of relocating and give our furry friends a chance to find their forever homes”, she said.

My Pets Haven having to relocate. Source: My Pets Haven
My Pets Haven having to relocate.
Source: My Pets Haven

As of now, the shelter has mentioned that they’ve not begin accepting donations as they’ve yet to find a place to relocate. However, they’re still accepting donations to help with their rescue work. Other than that, pet owners can also help by supporting their business, where they provide grooming and boarding services.

“The services we provide helps us to pay rent and other expenses needed”, she said,

If you’d like to adopt a furry friend, giving them a forever home, feel free to walk in or contact Aunty Aileen for more information! To view the furry friends online, click here!

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