MINITAGO: A community-driven app that transforms the digital landscape by revolutionizing ‘likes’ into ‘tangible value’

Minute Sdn Bhd is thrilled to announce the launch of Foodie Guide on their MinitAgo App – An Official Launching of Foodie Guide on MinitAgo App, taking place in Digital Penang on 11th June 2024. This exciting event aims to celebrate an official business collaboration partnership between MinitAgo and Good Foodie Media, in which Good Foodie Media have approx. 20+ food-related media brands such as KL Foodie, Penang Foodie, and Halal Foodie, with 27+ million followers. This momentous occasion was officiated by the respected Y.B Wong Hon Wai from Penang State Exco for Tourism & Creative Economy.

MINITAGO: A community-driven app that aims to transform the digital landscape

MinitAgo is an innovative app that maps ongoing happenings in real-time, making it useful and accessible worldwide. As the first of its kind in Malaysia, MinitAgo is a Penang-based picture mapping platform that translates ‘LIKE’ into tangible value. The app establishes connections between ‘Gems’ (Likes), businesses, and users, fostering a sustainable business ecosystem.

Provided to Wau Post
Provided to Wau Post

It has successfully attracted foreign investors, aligns with the digital culture, and supports Penang’s Smart City initiative, Penang 2030. Unique features include real-time event mapping, gamified campaigns with rewards, and the transformation of ‘likes’ into real value. MinitAgo was officially launched in October 2023 with approx. 11K+ users as of February 2024.

According to CEO of MinitAgo, Eddy Eau, “MinitAgo has achieved some promising growth thus far. He believes that to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of today competitive business world, one thing remains constant, which is the importance of working together towards shared goals.

Partnering up with Good Foodie Media revolutionizing ‘like’ into ‘tangible value’

Through the business collaboration partnership with Good Foodie who has strong background, it will mark a
significant milestone in both companies’ journeys and heralds a promising era of innovation, growth, and shared success”.

Provided to Wau Post
Provided to Wau Post

“The partnership between MinitAgo and Good Foodie represents a fusion of complementary strengths and expertise. By combining MinitAgo’s APP features and technology innovation with Good Foodie, their strong present in the digital space and the top market leading position, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to our customers and stakeholders”, said by CEO of MinitAgo, Eddy Eau.

On top of that, MinitAgo aims to double the use base not only locality but toward the international market by end of 2024. The early-stage business expanding idea towards Singapore and Hong Kong. The launch event was attended by various key industry players in Penang, including Digital Penang, Penang Global Tourism (PGT), Hotel and Tourism Associations, Food and Beverage (F&B) merchants, business collaboration partner Good Foodie, and others.

Provided to Wau Post
Provided to Wau Post

MinitAgo is available for download on the Google Playstore App & Apple Store.

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