Pedestrian smacks motorcyclist with bag for running red light at zebra crossing, wins praise from netizens

Image credit: Penang Kini

Vehicles running a red light at pedestrian crossings have become a common scene for Malaysians. It is a must for pedestrians in Malaysia to be aware of any oncoming motor vehicles even after we are given the green light to cross the road. However, this man refused to tolerate this violation when the same situation happened to him while he was walking along a zebra crossing.

Middle-aged man took a swing at a motorcyclist who ran a red light

A TikTok video on Penang Kini went viral after netizens got a good laugh from watching a man swinging his bag at a motorcyclist who ran a red light at Farlim, Penang. In the dashcam footage, the middle-aged man in a yellow shirt can be seen walking across the road using a zebra crossing when the traffic lights turned red. 

@penang_kini sila berhenti dan beri laluan kepada pejalan kaki ketika lampu isyarat merah. Kan dh kena.. 😅 Area ayer itam, Penang #penangkiniviral #penangkini ♬ original sound – Mary Jo

However, a few motor vehicles still refused to stop for the pedestrians to pass, including a silver Perodua Myvi and a few motorcycles. One of the motorcycles was even riding close to the man. 

The man looked annoyed as he swung his bag at the motorcyclist, almost hitting him right in the face. The motorcyclist dodged the blow by a mere second and continued to move on. 

The man swung his bag at the motorcyclist who was running a red light at a zebra crossing. Image credits: Penang Kini (TikTok)

Penang Kini wrote the caption below to remind these motorcycle riders to stop when there is a red light. 

“Please stop and make way for pedestrians to cross when the traffic light is red. Serves you right,” they wrote. 

Amused netizens gave a thumbs up to the man

The amusing footage has led many netizens to side with the uncle, with many commenting that he should have smacked the motorcyclist as a lesson. His action earned netizens’ respect as some of them have also encountered the same dangerous situation. 

One commented: “Approved… it would have been better if the bag hit.”

“Haha, he wasn’t even brave enough to retaliate because he knew he was in the wrong.”

“I would have been angry too! Sometimes when pedestrians are allowed to cross, we still need to hesitate before we do so. It is not just motorcycles, but cars too.

“This is our standard. In Malaysia, we have bad attitudes and low knowledge of zebra crossing and yellow crossing.”

Anyone who commits an offence of violating a red traffic light may be prosecuted under rule 17 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959, which may be fined up to RM 2,000 or a jail time of six months. Even if you are rushing someplace else, please do not put someone in danger on the way. 

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