Man caught dangerously jaywalking across Penang road with pram, scolds driver for almost not braking in time

On the roads, we Malaysians are proud of the “hand”, which is a gesture of the right-hand palm and it is frequently used especially when we are jaywalking. However, it is important for us to know that jaywalking is still considered a crime as jaywalkers can be charged under Section 45, of the Road Transport Act 1999 (Akta Lalulintas 1999). The act of crossing a busy road without a zebra crossing is extremely risky for both pedestrians and passing cars. 

Some of these pedestrians even acted as if they owned the road and all cars should stop for them to cross.

Jaywalking pedestrian got angry at driver who slowed down late for them

A family can be seen jaywalking across the road with a pram. Image credits: Penang Kini via Facebook

A dashcam footage posted by Penang Kini gained attention when it showed a family jaywalking, and one of the family members was furious at the driver for initially not stopping for them. In the video, the family member appeared to be a middle-aged man who was pushing a baby stroller alongside his family.

The road the driver was driving on was known to be a busy road in Penang. Because of the oncoming cars behind her, she was hesitant on whether to stop or continue driving when she saw the jaywalking pedestrians. In the end, she did stop for them to pass, but instead of being grateful, she received a scowl from the man. 

The man then signalled her to “slow down” when she finally stopped for them to pass. After that, he proceeded to give her a rude gesture of throwing his right arm at her, indicating whether she was “in her right mind”. 

Source: Penang Kini via Facebook

Netizens sided with the driver

The video has garnered over 1.8k comments. Many commented that it was the pedestrian’s fault for not looking carefully before crossing the street.

“He was clearly the one at fault, and he still had the guts to scold the driver.”

Source: Penang Kini (Facebook

Another commented that these people think they are so important that every car has to stop for them to cross. However, they never thought about what would happen if the cars behind were unable to brake just in time.  

Source: Penang Kini (Facebook)

One even made a joke about the jaywalker, asking if he was scared that the famous Nasi Kandar place across the street will run out of rice.

Source: Penang Kini (Facebook)

It seems that the “hand” is not mighty at all, and it is best for Malaysians to use the zebra crossing or the pedestrian bridge to cross the road. 

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