Kind M’sian boss gifts Indonesian employee with brand new Proton Saga for being a good worker

Image credit: @viviproton via TikTok

Employee benefits and renumerations are often a great way to recognise those who have performed well in a company. But for one lucky employee, he was able to have found a boss who acknowledges his efforts and rewarded him with a brand new Proton car!

M’sian boss gives employee a Proton Saga to thank all his hard work

TikTok user @viviproton shared how an online friend of hers bought a car for his longtime employee. Image credit: TikTok

A sales associate (@viviproton) at local automotive brand Proton recently took to TikTok to share a heartwarming story of how one of her clients bought a new car for his Indonesian employee. The client has known her beforehand on social media, so he approached her and asked if there were any Proton Saga units in stock.

The worker was speechless and grateful upon realizing that the car was for him. Image credit: TikTok

To surprise him, the boss asked him to come over to the Proton Car Showroom without any further context. As soon as he realized that his boss bought him a car, he went speechless and immediately bowed over the car with gratitude. In the video, they took photos of the car together and the employee’s face was beaming with joy when his boss presented him with the keys to his new ride.

@viviproton 很有福气的一位员工 老板送大礼给他作为奖励🎁🎁 顾客说 这是他一位很好地员工 👍#viviproton #汽车销售顾问 #congratulations #proton #sales #advisor #johor #送员工的礼物 ♬ 原聲 – Hs Vivi Proton

Because of his foreign status, it is much more difficult for the worker to apply for a car loan to purchase a car, so his superior took matters into his own hands and bought him one at the price of around RM40k. What’s more, he has been a great employee who has worked there for over 10 years so the boss was more than happy to reward him for his contributions.

Netizens commend employer for his generosity

After watching the clip, many netizens have since then commented on how fortunate the worker is to have such a wonderful boss.

“I wish I have a boss like him.”

“A good boss is hard to come by. Hopefully, this employee will continue to work hard for his business.”

Some even jokingly asked if there are any vacancies in his company.

“Is the boss hiring? I’m also very hardworking.”

“What a nice boss! I want to work for you too.”

“I have worked for my boss for 20 years but I still get nothing.”

What a nice gesture from the boss! This has definitely made the worker’s day as he could finally travel with ease.

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