Indonesian man gone viral after he marries his rice cooker

Finding the right person to walk down the aisle with you and create a new chapter in your life ain’t easy. Recently, an Indonesian man became the talk of the town when he married not anyone, but a rice cooker. Yes, an electrical rice cooker that can be typically found in Asian households. Boy, he really did bring “rice is life” to another level.

Indonesian Man Marries Rice Cooker Because “It is Quiet & Can Cook”:

Every person’s benchmark for a life partner is different. Some may prefer good looks, a pristine career, a homemaker, or even someone who is good at cooking. A netizen on Twitter has recently shared a group of photos showing an Indonesian man marrying a rice cooker. Yes, the electrical appliance that we use to make fluffy rice.

The caption wrote “white, quiet and can cook, the perfect spouse.” The man on the other hand, was seen all dressed up formally in white, holding his “wife” donned in a white veil. One of the images even showed him sitting before a registration table alongside the rice cooker as they “signed” their marriage papers.

Another photo showed the guy kissing the ‘bride,’ his beloved rice cooker

We don’t know if the whole thing was set up or he truly ‘loves’ his Philips rice cooker. One thing for sure, he’s now the talk of the town. As much as we love rice and rice is life, this guy is on another level.

UPDATE: The Indonesian man filed for divorce four days later because his ‘wife’ can only make rice and no other dishes.

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