“I‘ll work for as long as I can,“ 83-year-old M‘sian cleaner refuses to retire despite age

As soon as we hit the 60-year-old mark, most of us would be itching to get off the job. In fact, the vast majority usually prepare well ahead of their retirement.

“I‘ll work for as long as I can,“ 83-year-old M‘sian cleaner refuses to retire

Zhan Dengqing is still hard at work despite his ripe age of 83. Source: China Press

Age is not an obstacle, as one man continues to break stereotypes. According to China Press, Zhan Dengqing, 83, is still going strong at his job as a cleaner in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

In an interview with the paper, Zhan Dengqing says that he finds fulfillment and purpose in his work. Despite his age, he dismisses the idea of retirement as he does not want to feel ‘useless’.

A diligent worker since childhood

Zhan has worked a variety of jobs, including his present cleaner position that he has held for 7 years. Source: China Press

Zhan’s work ethic can be traced back to his childhood. Born in Kedah, he faced financial constraints that led him to drop out of school at the age of 11. Determined to make a living, Zhan took up his first job at a local grocery store. This early start set the tone for his future, as he continued to work hard throughout his life.

At the age of 26, Zhan moved to Penang, where he explored various job opportunities. He tried his hand at wedding photography and furniture craftsmanship, gaining valuable skills and experiences along the way. Seven years ago, he found his current position as a cleaner at USM, a job he has been holding ever since.

Astounding everyone with his young spirit

Despite his age, Zhan’s physical health remains top tier. Source: China Press

The public are not the only ones reeling from Zhan’s impressive vigor. When his daughter requested for an MC for him, the doctor was surprised that he was still working at 83. Despite not exercising often, Zhan is even more physically fit than his daughter.

Zhan’s robust health can be attributed to his lifestyle choices. Since his early 20s, he has been a vegetarian and prefers light, simple meals. He avoids fried and processed foods, instant noodles, cold beverages, smoking, and drinking. Additionally, he does not have an air conditioner in his room, as he is not fond of it.

Zhan Dengqing’s story is an inspiration to us all. With the right choices and mindset, anyone can lead a vibrant and active lifestyle, regardless of their age. 

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