Abandoned doggo waited for its owner in the same spot for months

Some people just don’t deserve pets. Dogs are especially known for their lovable and loyal character. But to our dismay, not everyone appreciates this. We are getting news about abandoned pets every day and this may be the most heartbreaking one yet

Waiting for former owner through sunshine and rain

We all know how the story goes with Hachiko and this one is just as heartbreaking. According to a tweet by @lunaaaa72, a loyal doggo was spotted at the same location every day. Said to be the location where his former owner dumped him, the doggo will wait relentlessly come rain or sunshine. Hoping that they will come back to pick him up again.

Fortunately, someone is aware of its situation and feeds it regularly. But everyone agrees that the doggo needs a new forever home. In response, @lunaaaa72, shared the exact location of the dog in her tweet for responsible people to take action.

Looking for a new forever home

Thanks to the power of the internet, news spread fast and the doggo was rescued by a kind volunteer. They will take the doggo to the vet before finding a forever home for it. (Good for you doggy!!)

Be responsible towards your pets

Do not abandon your pets. Animals are incapable of telling us their needs and emotions but it doesn’t mean that we can take advantage of that. Only take in animals when you know you can care for them for the rest of their life. If you are incapable of keeping them anymore, contact your local rescue center or find a new responsible owner for it.

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