Girl bids tearful goodbye to older sister leaving for boarding school

Little girl bids her older sister a tearful goodbye before she leaves for boarding school.
Source: @seeteeamyna

As physical classes commence across Malaysia after a prolonged period of lockdown, parents and students alike are no doubt preparing to return to the new school semester. The same goes for boarding school students alike, who will soon be shuttled back to their dorms once more.

Little girl sobs as she sends her older sister back to boarding school.
Source: @seeteeamyna

Little girl bids heartbreaking goodbye to her older sister

But in the time that these students have been allowed to spend with their families, bidding farewell once more can be an emotional undertaking. As shared by TikTok user @seeteeamyna, goodbyes are still one of the most difficult words to muster.

Little girl misses her older sister as she returns back to boarding school.
Source: @seeteeamyna

Filmed in a family car upon their arrival at the boarding school’s dormitory, a little girl can be seen tearfully weeping as she learns that her older sister will be leaving home. With her eyes and nose red from her sobs, she appears unwilling to part with her sibling, whom she shares an especially close bond with.

The video has since touched the hearts of many netizens

Unable to hold back her own tears, the little girl’s older sister too begins to cry as she is embraced by her younger sibling in a heartfelt show of affection and longing, before getting ready to leave for boarding school.

Little girl is hugged by her older sister.
Source: @seeteeamyna

“We’ll see Aina again. We’ll come pick her up.” her father consoles from the driver’s seat.

The short clip has since gone viral across the Malaysian TikTok community, with many users expressing how touched they were by the sisters’ inseparable bond.


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Schools are slated to formally reopen in November

Similarly, many families across Malaysia will be sending their children off to schools again. As reported by The Star and Malay Mail, schools across the Klang Valley and Melaka will reopen completely under the provisions of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) in Phase 4 on November 1st.

The first stage of school reopening will include Year One, Two and Three primary school pupils, as well as Form Three, Four and Five secondary school students. Year Four, Five and Six primary school pupils as well as Form One and Two secondary students will only be returning to schools in the following week on November 8th.

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