Fans express concern after BLACKPINK concert venue reportedly suffer flash floods ahead of tomorrow’s concert

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As the pandemic hits the world, many concerts and tours were forced to be put on hold but fast forward 3 years later, many artists have been slowly picking up their pace by going on tour again. But arguably among the biggest names to land in local shores this year would definitely have to be South Korean K-Pop girl group, BLACKPINK, who are slated to take the stage in less than 24 hours at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

BLACKPINK fans worried after videos of flooded concert venue circulate online

With that said, many of the group’s most ardent fans are now tempering their excitement with a lot more concern, after it was claimed that Bukit Jalil National Stadium had suffered from flash floods as a consequence of the recent torrential downpours that have plagued much of the country in the past week.

In a video that has been circulating over Twitter from netizen @bpneverland, it appears that heavy rainfall has seemingly led to portions of the stadium’s grounds to become inundated by floodwaters. So much so in fact that a staircase even transformed into a mini waterfall!

Another clip that was shared to TikTok by user @blinkssssssz shows the state of the stadium venue from within, with production staff working tirelessly in the rain on completing what appears to be construction of the group’s stage ahead of their performance.

Understandably, many are now worried that the alleged flooding at Bukit Jalil may lead to a postponement of the concert, if not an outright cancellation considering the late hour. Others have chimed in on whether the venue itself will continue to remain safe for both the girl group as well as production staff and concert attendees in the wake of the flooding.

Those who will be attending the concert have been advised to bring a raincoat to prepare for the possibility of more rain storms on the day itself, as umbrellas are not allowed in the concert venue.

BLACKPINK to have concert in Malaysia on March 4, 2023.
BLACKPINK to have concert in Malaysia on March 4, 2023.
Source: BIllboard

For those who are unfamiliar, BLACKPINK is a South Korean band who made their debut back in 2016. The group consists of 4 members, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose. Since breaking into the scene, they have quickly become a global phenomenon with the runaway success of their first album, Square One, which featured both Boombayah and Whistle as lead singles.

To date, they are the most successful South Korean girl group in history, and hold the title for the best-selling album of all time released by a South Korean girl group. They were also the first K-pop girl group to have performed in Coachella back in 2019.

As of now, concert organiser Live Nation has yet to respond to the matter circulating on internet and it is assumed that the concert will still go ahead as planned.

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