Ebit Lew buys new car for ice-cream seller seen using three-wheeled motorbike to travel with disabled aunt

Source: @ebitlew

In a video that was recently shared over TikTok, Malaysian netizen @shihanizam has urged for social media users to offer an elderly woman and her family financial assistance after seeing her travelling in a sidecar made for disabled individuals under the hot sun while on the road. Allegedly taking place in Kuala Terengganu, the senior citizen was seen seated in the sidecar next to what appears to be a folded-up wheelchair while a younger woman operated the motorbike.

Disabled elderly woman seen riding in motorbike sidecar under hot sun

And unfortunately, as the sidecar did not come with any protection from the elements, the old woman was left with no choice but to endure the harsh glare of the afternoon sun, which shone directly onto her face, as they waited at the stop light. Seated in what appears to be the front-passenger seat of her car, the woman filming the incident expressed her regret at not having gone down to offer the duo some help.

The encounter, which has since gone viral, has even attracted the attention of local preacher and philanthropist Ebit Lew. Travelling over to the state of Terengganu on the first day of Ramadhan, he expressed his desire to help the duo and did exactly just that by buying the woman seen in the video a brand-new Perodua Bezza car.

She explains that she runs an ice-cream potong business & doesn’t want to depend on the sympathy of others to survive

Explaining her circumstances, Lew said that the woman in question was in fact an ice-cream potong seller who had previously been selling her frozen treats from her motorbike from one location to the next. She would often bring along her aunt, who is physically disabled and requires a wheelchair for mobility, using her motorbike’s sidecar as she didn’t want to leave her alone at home while she was working.

The woman, who is an ice-cream seller, stands next to her brand-new Perodua Bezza gifted to her by Ebit Lew. Source: @ebitlew
The woman, who is an ice-cream seller, stands next to her brand-new Perodua Bezza gifted to her by Ebit Lew. Source: mStar

Insisting on remaining independent by earning a living for herself and her aunt, the woman had never once asked for any donations and has instead called upon interested parties to show support for her business instead. Lew adds that the woman is also a Masters student, but had to put her academics on hold due to difficulties she faced with financial constraints as well as the circumstances surrounding her aunt’s ailing health.

Buying the car for her in cash, Lew then gifted the ice-cream seller the keys to her brand-new vehicle and has even called upon members of the public to consider buying ice-creams from the woman’s business, or sponsoring orphans or buka puasa events with her ice-cream.

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