Netizen shared easy ways to fix a slow ceiling fan

The weather’s getting warmer lately and you realize your ceiling fan isn’t working the way it used to be. You’ve maxed out the speed of the fan yet it’s still operating slower than normal. Most people will think it’s broken and ready to replace a new one, but hold on. A netizen has recently shared tips on how to fix a slow ceiling fan with just a few steps. Don’t look away because this hack might save you a fortune!

Fix Your Slow Ceiling Fan With One Simple Trick:

A young chap who goes by the name Ting has recently posted a video on TikTok, sharing a useful tip on how to fix a slow ceiling fan. Apparently, he’s an employee at Kar Sing Electrical Sdn Bhd.

There are quite a few factors that cause a slow ceiling fan, one of them is a defective capacitor. Fun fact: Ceiling fans are single-phase motors that rely on capacitors to start and run. In the video, Ting showed a few simple steps to change the capacitor without spending big bucks.

Before anyone starts disassembling the fan, make sure it’s completely turned off (we’re not responsible for any injuries). Remove the lower cap on the fan, that’s where the capacitors are. Some ceiling fans might have more than one capacitor, so take note.

After removing the cap, you’ll see a black cube (capacitor) with a label. Note down the numbers on the label to find the correct replacement. You can either get a new capacitor with a similar or a bigger number.

Once you’ve replaced them, screw back the lower cap and you’re all set. You should notice immediately that your ceiling fan is operating a lot faster than before.

So if anyone notices a slow ceiling fan, try this simple trick. This is really useful information from Ting that will save you a lot of money. Also. go follow Ting on TikTok as he shares a lot of cool tips and tricks for other electrical appliances.

Source: TikTok

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