DOE reveals that heatwave in M’sia expected to last until August, with haze index increasing

Haze index is seen increasing while some other states are experiencing heatwave. Source: Kate Trifo, Simon Berger (Pexels). For illustration purposes only.
Haze index is seen increasing while some other states are experiencing heatwave. Source: Kate Trifo, Simon Berger (Pexels). For illustration purposes only.

Malaysia is a tropical country that is prone to hot weather and plenty of rain. But over the past few days, plenty of locals have been feeling the heat, with some reported to have woken up with sweat-filled t-shirts. Unfortunately, this scorching weather is estimated to last until August.

Scorching weather expected to last until August, haze index seeing an increase

According to local newspaper Harian Metro, it was reported that locals would have to live with the scorching weather for another 4 months before being able to see a change in temperature. Minister of Natural resources, environment, and Climate change, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad has revealed that the scorching weather is due to the transitioning of the monsoon phase.

He also shared that locals who are residing in Nothern Malaysian states like Penang, Kedah, and Perlis are most affected. It was also reported that Jeli, a district in Kelantan can expect a level 2 heat wave where the daily temperature could shoot up to 40 degrees Celsius for 3 consecutive days. Subsequently, the Department of Meterology (MetMalaysia), has reported that 15 other areas in the peninsula are recording a level 1 heat wave warning, alerting locals to be prepared.

“Locals can expect rain after August, in the meantime, please adhere to all instructions by KKM to ensure that your health won’t be affected by the heat”, he said.

Woman wearing a mask outdoors.Source: Kate Trifo (Pexels)
Woman wearing a mask outdoors. For illustration purposes only.
Source: Kate Trifo (Pexels)

In related news, Nik Nazmi has also shared that the API (Air Pollution Index), is recording unhealthy levels of pollution in several states like Johor and Kuala Lumpur. API in Cheras has hit an unhealthy level with its highest recorded index at 152. As of 3pm today (April 17), the API for Cheras has gone down slightly sitting at 131.

Air Pollution Index as of 3pm today. (April 17)Source: API
Air Pollution Index as of 3pm today. (April 17)
Source: API

“With the hot weather, forest fires especially peatland areas can easily occur, which can contribute to the haze problem being worse”, said Nik Nazmi.

Nik then urged the locals to alert authorities if and all they come across any parties involved in open burning as it contributes to haze. Following that, KKM Malaysia has also taken the initiative to share a few ways the local can help maintain their health during this time.

Remember to stay hydrated everyone, your health matters!

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