A M’sian FB group was created to sexually fetishize unsuspecting pregnant women

Source @ant33ater, Sirap Limau

Motherhood is often considered to be a sacred journey that woman undergoes in bringing a child into the world. However, it has now been found that despite the innocence and purity of a pregnant mother experiencing her first taste of motherhood, there are those who seek to sully it with perversion by turning it into a fetish.

FB group fetishizing pregnant women

According to student activist Ain Husniza, it has been reported that a Facebook group exists within the social media community for the sole purposes of sharing and discussing pregnant Malaysian women as a sexual fetish. The group, named ‘Koleksi Mak Buyung Malaysia’, which translates to ‘A Collection of Pregnant Women’, currently boasts over 6,404 total members as of writing.

The Facebook group in question.
Source: Facebook

Despite being a private group, insiders from within have managed to share screenshots with Ain that have been included with her Tweet. Many appear to show various images of pregnant Malaysian women who are going about their day out in public in shopping centres, oblivious to the fact that they were being photographed.

Many of the women appear to be Muslim wearing hijabs. Group members involved in the disseminating of the images use fake usernames and profile pictures to avoid being identified.

Photos of pregnant women being shared on the page.
Source @ant33ater
Lewd remarks made of pregnant women.
Source @ant33ater

Illicit photos aside, lewd and sexual comments were also made about the women ‘featured’ in the group, fetishizing the appearance of their pregnancies and mentioning how they would like to commit sexual acts to the sight of these women. Others requested for more ‘candid’ photos of the women, referring to ones taken without their knowledge.

What’s more, some men have gone on blame these women for their choice in attire, saying that it should come to no surprise if their photos end up in the group as a result of what they wear.

Suggestive comments made about pregnant women.
Source @ant33ater


Photos of the pregnant women being shared.
Source @ant33ater
Commenters expressing sexual comments about pregnant women.
Source @ant33ater

The group has since been deactivated by Facebook

After repeated calls for the group to be reported en masse, it appears that Facebook has finally taken steps to remove the group. In speaking with VICE World News, a spokeswoman said that “We know that women experience a disproportionate level of abuse and harassment online, and we take seriously our responsibility to help keep them safe.”

Many have also advised women in general to be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially with regards to handheld devices being conspicuously pointed in their direction, or bags that could contain hidden cameras.

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