A 10yo M’sian boy is now a Guinness record-holder for packing a schoolbag in 31.33 secs, the fastest time in the world

Image credit: Yogeswaran Tamil Selvam, FMT

As children, we often recall evenings spent packing our schoolbags ahead of the next day. Oftentimes, it can prove to be a painstaking routine in itself to ensure that we had everything we needed for the following day’s timetables, whether it be textbooks and homework for the necessary subjects, to musical instruments or sports equipment for any extra co-curricular activities beyond the classroom.

And God forbid you ever needed to trouble your parents to drive all the way to school to retrieve something that you had forgotten to bring with you!

10-year-old M’sian boy sets new world record for fastest time to pack a schoolbag

But for 10-year-old Sarvysswharrann Yogeswaran, he probably doesn’t have to spent any more than five minutes to get his schoolbag ready for school. In fact, he doesn’t even need more than a minute to pack the contents of his day in, as he has recently set a new Guinness World Record for the Fastest Time to Pack a Schoolbag in the Under 16 category.

How much (or little) time did he need to achieve the feat, you wonder? Well, a neck-breaking 31.33 seconds.

The feat was recently announced through social media by Sarvysswharrann’s father, Yogeswaran Tamil Selvam, through his Facebook page to much praise from other netizens. According to Yogeswaran, they had first initially applied for the record attempt on August 22nd of last year, before making their first official attempt on December 31st of the same year. 

Six months later in June of 2022, Sarvysswharrann was officially announced as a world record holder, before receiving his certificate from the officiating body in July.

Has previously held other record titles as well

A student of SJK (T) Taman Melawati, the young boy has already set a number of other world records, including:

  • Reciting 213 aircraft names in under 6 minutes
  • Reciting 200 dinosaur names in 2 minutes and 36 seconds
  • Identifying 86 airlines by the tailfins of planes in under a minute

What’s more, the aspiring pilot was also selected to receive sponsorship under the Young Aviator Academy’s Young Pilot Programme, and previously won three gold medals at the Penang International Invention Innovation and Design Competition in 2021!

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