Yana Najib celebrates her father’s 70th birthday with his grandkids, dedicates Instagram tribute to him

Currently, former Prime Minister Najib Razak is serving a 12-year sentence in prison for his involvement in the 1MDB scandal. Aside from being ex-PM, he is still a husband, father, and grandfather.

Yana Najib celebrates her father’s 70th birthday with his grandkids

Yana Najib celebrates her father’s 70th birthday, together with his two grandsons. Source: Yana Najib (Instagram)

Nooryana or better known as Yana, began her post with a question her son Adam had posed to her on the big day. “Mummy, how can we celebrate Grandpa’s birthday today if he’s not here with us?” her son had asked.

Yana was struck by her son’s question, as she knew that his grandfather would not be able to join them this year. To appease her child, she was forced to tell him that the celebration was to go on without grandpa.

“You can blow out the candles first, Grandpa will see the cake when he gets back from work”

The cake that was custom made by Yana, which featured a printed photograph of Najib together with his two grandchildren. Source: Yana Najib (Instagram)

“I can’t imagine that my father has to spend his 70th birthday in such conditions,” she writes. However, Yana maintains that her family is resilient and hopeful throughout the ordeal.

She wished her father a happy birthday saying, “Happy birthday to Daddy, Grandpa and Bossku,” the last being a moniker given to Najib by his beloved people. Ending her post, she thanked the prison department for taking good care of her father as he remains incarcerated.

Yana’s post drew a series of mixed reactions online

Netizens’ also wished Najib a happy birthday. Source: Yana Najib (Instagram)

Despite certain voices of disapproval towards Najib’s wrongdoings, netizens were still empathetic towards the family. Some conveyed their birthday wishes to Najib, while others stated how difficult it must be for the family not to celebrate together.

One user commented, “It’s so sad to see when the grandson has to ask how will his grandfather celebrate his birthday without the presence of his loved ones.”

Always sad to see families being unable to celebrate together. Source: Yana Najib (Instagram)

Nevertheless, we hope that the family was able to enjoy their time together. Let this be a reminder for us to be more appreciative of our grandparents, and cherish every moment we get to spend with them.

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