WATCH: Two kind motorists help tow abang polis’ broken motorbike along busy highway

Two motorists help abang polis

As we know it, nothing can stand between the bond that Malaysians have with our police officers. Thanks to our abangs and kakaks polis, the nation and its people have been kept in order throughout the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO). We see for ourselves, how our law enforcement officers kept the gates of our state borders safe, rain or shine, by motorbike, patrol car, or even by foot. Thankfully, our police’s love for us isn’t one-sided!

Two kind motorists help abang polis with his broken motorbike

In the spirit of motorists, these two men show us the essence of being true Malaysians. In a video uploaded by TikTok user @durianbroters, two motorists are seen sandwiching a policeman riding on what appears to be a stalling motorbike.

Video: @durianbroters (TikTok)

It is unclear as to why the abang polis’ vehicle was moving at such a slow pace, but thankfully the two passerby motorists were there to lend a helping leg (literally). The two men placed their feet on the back of the motorbike, pushing it forward.

The position of all three riders on the road forms what appears to be a forward-moving arrow. It feels as if the policeman was the VIP, and the rakyats were his escorts. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Two kind motorists help abang polis
Source: @durianbroters (TikTok)

Since its upload, the video garnered over 544 thousand views, fifty-two thousand likes and plenty of praises for the kind motorists. The policeman himself even commented on the video, thanking the motorists for their kind help! Kudos to both of them!

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