“STPM won’t get you far” M’sian student beats the nay-sayers, gets accepted into a prestigious overseas university

When thinking about what’s next after high school, the study options to choose from are endless. One common misconception among Malaysians, however, is that private education is always better.

“STPM won’t get you far” M’sian student beats the nay-sayers

Emir Mahidzar passed his STPM with flying colours, attaining impressive results. Source: Emir Mahidzar (Twitter)

STPM or the Malaysian Higher School Certificate, is a local two-year pre university program that is catered to SPM leavers. In spite of its prevalence, there is still the perception of its inferiority compared to foreign education.

Determined to debunk that myth, one student set out to prove it all wrong. Emir Mahidzar, who recently completed his STPM, took to Twitter to share the good news. Achieving an overall CGPA of 3.84, his astounding accomplishment has been lauded by online users.

Emir received a conditional offer from the University of South Wales in Australia. Source: Emir Mahizad (Twitter)

Speaking to Wau Post, Emir expressed his gratitude towards his family, friends, and teachers for supporting him all the way. He maintains that the journey was not an easy one, as he had to face all kinds of hurdles.

“If your SPM results aren’t good, that’s why you go for STPM”, “This course won’t get you anywhere,” were some of the reactions Emir had to deal with throughout his studies. Coupled with the long travel distance and caring for his sick mother, he admits the weeks leading up to exams were especially tough.

Yet, Emir has no regrets. “I encourage SPM leavers to take up STPM, as it is one of the best courses out there. “They teach you all the skills that will prepare you for university and provide you an opportunity to further your studies overseas,” he explained. In light of this milestone, he hopes that his example could motivate more students to consider taking up the course.

It’s always a pleasure to see such bright young minds inspiring others, and we wish Emir all the best on his path towards success!

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