Shoplifter caught on CCTV stealing condoms on the first day of Hari Raya

Pregnancy can be very costly for those who are not ready for an additional family member; therefore, contraceptives such as condoms are life-savers in these scenarios. However, some may have gone the extra mile to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Caught red-handed shoplifting condoms in a convenience store

A poster of the condom thief can be seen on the front door of the convenience store. Image credits: @karipapcendol (Twitter)

A man was caught on CCTV stealing condoms from a convenience store in Setapak. The incident happened on the first day of Hari Raya when security cameras captured the exact time and scene of the culprit hiding condoms in his bag. The shoplifter was wearing a red baju Raya and a songkok. He was also spotted sporting a pair of sunglasses.

The incident occurred at an Eco Mart at PV18 in Setapak, where they had put up a poster of the wanted culprit. It was unconfirmed how many condoms did he steal from the shop that day.

Hilarious responses from netizens

Many netizens took to the Twitter comment section to express their amusement at the incident. Some commented that the shoplifter has enough awareness by going to extreme lengths to prevent pregnancies when he does not have enough money. 

Source: @karipapcendol (Twitter)

Some even joked that he may have mistaken the condoms for chewing gums, or he was planning to use them as water balloons. 

Source: @karipapcendol (Twitter)

All jokes aside, shoplifting is a crime in Malaysia, even though you are making extreme efforts to “play safe”.

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