SG girl mocked for calling Charles & Keith a luxury brand, discusses topic of privilege & her family’s humble roots

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Chances are, we probably all remember the excitement of receiving a present gifted to us by our parents and the sentimental value attached to it. This was no different in the case of Singapore-based social media user Zoe (@Zohtaco), who recently took to her TikTok to enthuse about a brand-new Charles & Keith handbag that was gifted to her from her father. 

Teen in Singapore gets mocked after calling Charles & Keith a luxury brand

Excitedly unboxing the luxury purchase, she then proceeded to model the bag to her followers, clearly overjoyed by the gift which she explains that she had been coveting for some time now. 

And while most comments have been exceedingly positive and congratulated her on her latest acquisition, some users had snidely hinted at her that the Singaporean-based accessories brand was not considered ‘true luxury’ and mocked her for claiming as such. 

One netizen snidely points out that Charles & Keith isn't a luxury brand. Image credit: TikTok
One netizen snidely points out that Charles & Keith isn’t a luxury brand. Image credit: TikTok

In a subsequent series of clips, Zoe tearfully took to addressing one such comment, and spoke at length about the notions of privilege. Explaining that her family hailed from humble roots when they first moved to Singapore, she adds that even something as trivial as buying bread from a local bakery chain would prove to be an occasion in itself, as they could not afford to do so often. 

Speaks about privilege and her family’s humble roots

Pointing out that it is a privilege in itself to be able to consider Charles & Keith as just an ordinary brand, Zoe goes on to say that SG $80 may not be a lot to some, but it definitely is a substantial sum for her family and that she was grateful her father used his hard-earned money to purchase the bag for her. 

Many netizens have since come to her defense, agreeing that the notion of what luxury represents is relative and that she did not do anything wrong for wanting to share the joy of receiving her gift with others online. Others have also shared that bags from Charles & Keith were also their first steps into luxury, before they were able to afford other high-end labels.

In a third video addressing the matter, Zoe thanked social media users for their support before saying that people who are not necessarily ‘well-off’ deserve to have nice things too, even if it may take them a while to save up to afford them.

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