Preschool children break M’sian Book of Records for the longest Jalur Gemilang made from egg trays!

Tis the Merdeka season for us Malaysians, and it has seen nothing short of creativity from all kinds of individuals. Well, these preschool kids didn’t miss out either with their inventive creation that even made history!

Preschool children break M’sian Book of Records for the longest Jalur Gemilang

86 preschool children made it into the Malaysian Book of Records with the longest Jalur Gemilang made from egg trays. Source: NSTP/Mary Victoria Dass

We’ve heard of all kinds of attempts to achieve a record-breaking feat, and imagine accomplishing that when you’re still in kindergarten! That’s what this team of 86 children, ranging from as young as 3 years old to 6 years old, managed to pull off.

The students who are from Mega Genius Kindergarten in Johor, joined forces with their parents and teachers to make it happen. The final result was a flag spanning an impressive 23 meters long and 8.5 meters wide.

It took 2128 egg trays in total

The national flag consisted of 2128 egg trays in total. Source: Aphiwat chuangchoem (Pexels)

According to Berita Harian, the preschool students entered the Malaysian Book of Records (MBOR) for the longest Jalur Gemilang. About 2128 egg trays were utilized to perfect this astounding masterpiece.

All in all, it was a joint effort. The students’ families contributed the egg trays while the management provided the necessary coloring materials. “It has been a regular tradition for our school to host Merdeka Day celebrations since the past five years,” the kindergarten headmaster, R Mohanambal explained.

The students’ dedication and hard work has certainly paid off, earning them a spot in the MBOR. “I am impressed by the determination of the students, parents and teachers who were involved in the project,” he said at the school’s Merdeka celebration yesterday.

Also present were Lee Pooi Leng, the MBOR officer manager and Kemelah State Assembly Member (Assembly), N Saraswati. As the awarding of certification took place, Saraswati mentioned that such activities are capable of instilling virtues like love for country, discipline and cooperation. “Even though they are only three to six years old, their enthusiasm to celebrate Independence Day is extraordinary,” Saraswati said.

Definitely a huge milestone for these preschool children. Let’s hope there’s more to come from them!

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