PDRM, Bomba, Civil Defense & medical personnel respond to call about accident, only to discover it was fake on arrival

Screenshot of local authorities at the alleged scene. Source: Jabatan Netizen Malaysia (Twitter)

It should go without saying that one should only ever contact the emergency services in times of absolute urgency in times of genuine crisis. This is to ensure that precious resources and time do not go to waste, and can be channeled to those truly in need of help. Unfortunately, 4 local authorities received a distressed call about a tragic accident which turned out to be fake.

Local authorities receive call about tragic accident that turns out to be fake

On February 4th 202, a video has surfaced on Twitter documenting how emergency personnel from the Royal Malaysian Police, Fire and Rescue Department, National Civil Defense Force (APM) and Klinik Kesihatan Pakar at Kampung Penang Merah arrived at the scene of what allegedly was a tragic accident, after an emergency call was placed.

16-second video showing all 4 local authorities at the alleged scene.
Source: Jabatan netizen Malaysia (Twitter)

According to Paka region Fire and Rescue Department Chief Mohd. Aidil Khairim Abdul Wahab, the distress call was placed around 8:59pm and had supposedly involved a lorry, two cars, and a motorcycle.

Separately, Jabatan Netizen Malaysia has released more information on the matter and said that the caller had claimed another two buses collided into the vehicles that were involved in the first accident, leading to a pile-up.

Screenshot of 16-second video where all 4 local authorities were at the alleged scene.
Source: Jabatan Netizen Malaysia (Twitter)

Local newspaper Kosmo! reported that the call was placed by an individual who allegedly witnessed the accident, but first responders who later arrived were stunned to realise that the gnarly tragedy did not in fact happen. What’s more, the ‘witness’ described the accident taking place right in front of a high school named Sekolah Kebangsaan Pinang Merah, which you guessed it, did not exist either.

“After realising that it was a prank, we tried calling the number that was used to contact us but unfortunately, the caller did not pick up”, said Mohd Aidil.

Following the incident, many netizens were quick to call out this horrendous act and was asking for local authorities to look into this matter and take action.

“Hopefully the culprit gets caught and will be jailed.”

Screenshot of netizen comments.
Source: Jabatan Netizen Malaysia (Twitter)
Screenshot of netizen comments.
Source: Jabatan Netizen Malaysia (Twitter)

“I pity the people who were on duty, let’s hope action can be taken against the caller.”

Screenshot of netizen comments.
Source: Jabatan Netizen Malaysia (Twitter)

This is a gentle reminder to not make ant prank calls to the local authorities, as you could be denying others truly in need of help. Individuals who are caught making fake calls towards them call be fined for RM50,000, jailed up to two years, or both under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Watch the video below:

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