“Not just delivering food” M’sian delivery rider goes a step above by penning apology note for customer

We’ve all had our fair share of disagreements with our loved ones. But it’s nothing a good apology won’t fix! Nowadays, some people have resorted to unconventional ways to do it, as one delivery rider experienced.

M’sian delivery rider goes a step above by penning apology note

A customer came to Noor Ramli with a peculiar request. Source: Noor Ramli (Facebook)

Among the most challenging jobs is being a delivery rider. From harsh weather conditions to difficult customers, they face all kinds of situations.

One particular day, delivery rider Noor Ramli encountered an interesting request during one of his recent gigs. A customer had submitted an order with a special note. “Hi, could you write ‘Sorry for all my fault’ on the paper bag?”

Lover’s quarrel? Nothing food delivery won’t fix

“Sorry for all my fault.” Source: Noor Ramli (Facebook)

And sure enough, Noor Ramli delivered! Speaking to Wau Post, he revealed it was a female customer who had placed the order. “I assumed it was her way of trying to persuade her boyfriend,” he said.

However, that was where the story ended, as Noor Ramli completed the delivery without meeting the recipient. Nevertheless, many were amused by the account, with fellow riders relating similar experiences.

“Once I helped deliver food for a couple, but apparently after that they had gotten into an argument. One of the parties proceeded to scold me, as if I was the one who was at fault.” Source: Noor Ramli (Facebook)
“I was asked to write, “Afiq please call me, I’m sorry”.” Source: Noor Ramli (Facebook)
“One time I delivered ice cream to their significant other, but they still weren’t satisfied. I ended up eating the tub for free!” Source: Noor Ramli (Facebook)

We definitely think these delivery riders deserve tips for extra service! What do you think?

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