M’sian woman cautions other netizens after being sexually assaulted at Cyberjaya carpark in front of her daughter

Your body is your most prized possession. It demands to be loved, cared for, and most definitely protected. With that said, sexual assault offenders who succumb to acts of perversion roam free within the community. According to the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), the number of sexual assault cases in Malaysia has increased since 2013.

What’s worse is when victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault are blamed for wearing clothes that are ‘too revealing’. In yet another instance, a woman shares how she allegedly was groped in a parking lot in Cyberjaya, right in front of her two-year-old daughter.

Woman allegedly sexually assaulted, groped at Cyberjaya parking lot in front of daughter

In a series of Instagram stories and postings shared by user @ninachewareyou, she recounted the incident of how she claims to have been groped and sexually assaulted near her car after shopping for groceries at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya and the events that followed while trying to get help from authorities. She also urged other women to be extra careful while out and about.

Source: @ninachewareyou (Instagram)

On 21st December, Nina took to her Instagram to share her traumatizing experience. She began her series of Instagram stories with “As hard as it is for me to share the news, but for the sake of others, I decided that I should”. She added that it had never crossed her mind that she would be sexually harassed.

Source: @ninachewareyou (Instagram)

Nina was heading back to her car parked at Level 2 Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya after a short grocery haul, with her two-year-old daughter Narissa seated in the trolley. As she was approaching her car, a masked man sneaked up from behind and started groping her breasts. Panicked, all she could do was helplessly scream, hoping that someone would hear her. Unfortunately, help never came.

Female police officer advised victim of sexual assault to ‘tutup aurat’

After much screaming, the offender left the scene, leaving Nina scared and traumatized. Shaking, she pushed the trolley that her daughter was in and headed to a place with more people. Shockingly, even as she was crying while on the phone with her husband, no one came forward to ask if she needed any help or if she was doing okay. To make matters worse, the parking lot did not have any surveillance camera that caught the perverted acts of the assaulter.

Source: @ninachewareyou (Instagram)
Source: @ninachewareyou (Instagram)

Nina added that while she was reporting what had happened to her at a police station, a female sergeant took the chance to give her two cents on the clothing that Nina had on. The officer even advised her on the Muslim act of ‘tutup aurat’. As Nina headed back to the management office at Tamarind Square to submit her lodged police report, she learned that the same misfortune had caused a mother to drop her six-month-old baby, shortly after the assault happened to herself.

Source: @ninachewareyou (Instagram)

Thankfully, Nina’s daughter Narissa was not physically harmed during the incident. Any case of sexual assault is incredibly traumatising to experience, regardless of age. Narissa could only watch and cry silently as her mother was assaulted before her very own eyes. We sincerely hope that Nina recovers mentally from her traumatizing encounter, and that the culprit gets caught.

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