M’sian video editing talent Mohamad Sofian impresses Ryan Reynolds with incredible new video

Source: sofyank96

Chances are, if you’ve been hanging around the local social media space for long enough, you will probably have encountered some incredible visual effects or computer generated image (CGI) work by local talent Mohamad Sofian, otherwise known as @sofyank96 on Twitter.

Effortlessly blurring the lines between the real-world and that of make-believe, his works have already caught the eye of major Hollywood stars such as John Cena and Will Smith, as well as international brands including Shell and Netflix.

M’sian VFX & CGI talent films a video with Ryan Reynolds 

And it now looks like Sofian can add yet another feather to his cap after streaming giant Netflix had engaged him to film a short video segment with Hollywood leading man Ryan Reynolds, as part of the ongoing press promotion for Reynold’s latest film, The Adam Project. 

The video sees Sofian boarding into a spacecraft from the movie by climbing up onto a hovering platform, before meeting Reynolds on-board. He is then sent off on a mission to help find the actor’s 12-year-old self, which pretty succinctly sums up the plot of the entire movie.

Predictably, the sheer skill and attention to detail poured into the 54-second video has since earned Sofian with heaping praise from netizens. In fact, Reynolds himself was so impressed with Sofian’s work, he took to re-tweeting it on his personal account. He adds that the video has set a new standard for future press junkets, which typically only involves short interviews between members of the media and the cast of a film.

Picked up the skill through online tutorials

Subsequent videos uploaded by Sofian show how he managed to superimpose the Hollywood actor’s likeness onto a body-double, before stitching it up together to create the final product despite the challenges he faced in working with Reynolds remotely. According to him, the entire process took a whole month to complete, from initial filming to post-production.

26-year-old Mohamad Sofian had even left Ryan Reynolds impressed with his work! Source: sofyank96
26-year-old Mohamad Sofian had even left Ryan Reynolds impressed with his work! Source: sofyank96

In speaking with The Star over the momentous feat, Sofian explains that he was never formally trained in video editing and only came about picking up the craft by watching online video tutorials.

“This requires patience and focus because if you miss a step, then you won’t get the results you want,” he said.

As of writing, his clip has garnered an astounding 1.5 million views, and 33,000 likes.

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