M’sian recounts how her father broke down in tears when he finally met Anwar Ibrahim after 24 years of waiting

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For over 25 years, newly-minted Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has represented the potential for reformation and change in local politics for many Malaysians. And after enduring two prison sentences on what many have deemed to be politically-motivated charges, he has finally acceded to the top-job in Parliament just last Thursday (November 24th, 2022).

M’sian netizen shares the moment her father meets Anwar for the first time 

Understandably, the news was well-received with much fanfare among his supporters, especially those who have held out hope to one day see him lead the nation as premier. Among them include local netizen Aisha’s father, who recently had one of his lifelong dreams turned into reality when he finally managed to meet Anwar in-person for the very first time.

Sharing the heartwarming clip on popular video sharing platform TikTok, she explained that her father had patiently waited for an opportunity to meet the charismatic senior politician for 24 years. And his patience did not go to waste either, when Aisha’s family, who hails from Muar in the southern state of Johor, got to speak to the statesman at his home.

Dream come true after 24 years of waiting

Clearly overwhelmed by the encounter, Aisha’s wheelchair-bound father appears to break into tears as Anwar, sharply dressed in a powder-blue baju Melayu with a resplendent songket steps out to greet them with a warm smile. After exchanging brief pleasantries, the family then chatted briefly with the Prime Minister.

The 2-minute 18-second exchange has since garnered widespread praise from local netizens, many of whom commended Anwar for his warmth and conviviality.

Others recounted how those who have stood alongside Anwar since the 90s would be moved to finally witness him taking up the mantle as Prime Minister, after enduring so many years of hardship in his tumultuous political career.

In just 22 hours, Aisha’s video has been viewed as many as 771,500 times.

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