M’sian child who vomited at surau says sorry to caretakers with adorable apology letter & RM100 note

Source: Surau Putra Al-Amin (Facebook), Foursquare

Children are often considered to be little blessings, what with their joy, innocence, and capacity to see the world with fresh eyes. In the case of one boy, he has managed to win over the hearts of Malaysian netizens after leaving caretakers at a local surau in Putrajaya an endearing note of apology as well as a generous token.

Boy who puked in surau offers RM100 and apology note to pak cik in charge

As shared on Surau Putra Al Amin’s official Facebook page, caretakers were surprised to have stumbled across a rather endearing note that was left behind by a child in their contributions box.

Frontal view of Surau Putra Al-Amin located in Putarajaya.
Source: Foursquare

Assalamulaikum pak cik, I want to write this letter to apologise to you about my behaviour back on January 27th, 2023. I accidentally vomited in the prayer hall and I wanted to clean it up. But I didn’t have the time to do so as I was in a rush to go to school and my father’s car was double-parked at the time.

At the time, I was not feeling well as I was suffering from food poisoning. I hope that those working at the prayer hall will forgive me. You may contact my father through his phone number here. He also prepared some money here to help lessen the burden of the prayer hall’s caretakers when cleaning up after me.”, he wrote.

Handwritten apology note by a child after vomiting at the mosque
Source: Surau Putra Al-Amin (Facebook)

Understandably touched by the child’s sincerity, the surau’s caretakers prayed for his good health, and hope that the young boy will continue to visit their surau to conduct his prayers in the future.

While brief, the adorable gesture has since attracted the attention of local social media users, with many praising the child for his sincerity and willingness to take up accountability for his mistakes.

“It’s okay child, vomit can be cleaned. Similar to our hearts, we should always ‘clean’ it.”

Netizens praise the child for his sincere apology. Source: Surau Putra Al-Amin (Facebook)

“Alhamdulillah, this kid and his family has such a kind heart.”

Netizens praise the child for his sincere apology. Source: Surau Putra Al-Amin (Facebook)

“May this child excel in his life when he becomes an adult.”

Netizens praise the child for his sincere apology. Source: Surau Putra Al-Amin (Facebook)

It’s truly heartwarming to see how kind this kid is and hopefully it inspires more Malaysians out there to do good and spread kindness.

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