Kind restaurant staff goes the extra mile by banking in money to M’sian woman who lost her purse

Misplacing items can happen to any one of us every once in a while. And, imagine the worst case scenario, losing your purse with all your valuables still inside! Most of us would likely say to ourselves that it’s pretty much gone forever.

Kind restaurant staff goes the extra mile to return money to M’sian woman

While having a meal at Marrybrown’s, the wife accidentally left her purse behind. Source: Marrybrown (Facebook)

That was what exactly happened to Mester BlackWater‘s wife during a recent family trip. According to his Facebook post, the couple decided to take their children for a brief trip to Genting Highlands.

After the kids had their fun, the family sat down for a meal at Marrybrown’s in Sky Avenue. “As usual, kids can sometimes be a handful. In all that chaos, we didn’t realize that my wife had left her purse behind,” the post explains. It only hit them when they were already well on their way back to Raub, Pahang.

It seemed like all hope was lost

The wife contacted the Marrybrown’s outlet in hopes of locating her purse. Source: Robert Bogdan (Pexels)

Clueless, they started to feel like the situation was hopeless. As soon as they got home, his wife tried their luck by contacting the Marrybrown’s restaurant. A female staff known as Kogi, came to answer the phone.

The wife began to describe her purse as well as the contents inside. There was no identification card, but money for the family’s monthly kitchen allowance. Fortunately, Kogi replied that one of the Marrybrown’s staff had indeed found the purse, and placed it for safekeeping.

The staff’s sincerity in returning the money moves their hearts

The staff took the trouble to queue at the bank and ensure a safe transfer. Source: Mester BlackWater (Facebook)

Kogi initially offered to return the purse via post, but became concerned for its safety. So instead, she suggested banking in back the money to the wife. The couple were touched by Kogi’s willingness to queue at the bank just to safely deposit the money. She even screenshotted proof of payment and attached it in the Whatsapp chat.

“The money is not the most valuable thing, but rather the staff’s honesty, sincerity and respect for their customers.” The husband ended his post saying these workers deserved their due recognition for their exemplary behavior.

The couple express their appreciation for Kogi and her staffs’ honesty. Source: Mester BlackWater (Facebook)

The couple also conveyed their appreciation to the restaurant’s management via email. Additionally, online users were quick to comment, showering praises upon Kogi and her staff.

“Marrybrown please take note of this FB post. You have a wonderful and awesome team. I am resharing this post as Malaysian netizens need more positive stories like this.” Source: Mester BlackWater (Facebook)
“I’m proud of Malaysian citizens who are as honest as Kogi and her friends. Keep it girls and boys. Salute!” Source: Mester BlackWater (Facebook)
“Wow. Amazing. Looks like you would have to meet Miss Kogi personally.” Source: Mester BlackWater (Facebook)

Kudos to Miss Kogi and her team for upholding honesty and going one step above the rest! Glad to know there’s still a lot of people like them out there. 

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