Kedah mall apologises after braless guest was seen attending Kedah Fashion Week where it was held

Kedah Fashion Week 2022 recently took place at Aman Central from 5 to 7 August. However, the organizing committee has been embroiled in a media controversy after a guest attended the event in a revealing outfit.

Guest wore inappropriate fit to Kedah Fashion Week 2022

The unnamed woman was photographed in a ‘plunging’ outfit. Image credits:
@mohdxanuar via Twitter

Pictures of a woman dressed in green that were taken during the event have been circulating around the Internet. She was wearing a green formal jacket with no shirt and bra underneath, revealing the middle part of her torso and barely covered with a large opera necklace.

Many social media users had much to say about the unnamed woman’s attire, claiming that it was too inappropriate to be worn at a Malaysian event, even if it was fashion related. Some joked about whether she might catch a cold after wearing so little, while some criticised the daring fashion choice that remains unacceptable to many conservative Malaysians.

“This is Kedah, not Paris or the Met Gala,” said one netizen.

After attracting many reprovals from netizens, Aman Central uploaded an apology post via Facebook to address the issue. They clarified that they did advise all guests to attend with proper attire, however, there were met with many challenges at the time, leaving them unable to screen all guests during the show. They have also explained that the Kedah State Government had nothing to do with the event as it was their ongoing mall attraction since 2016.

Actions taken against this “fashion blunder”


According to New Straits Times, the Kedah State Government has involved itself in this case. State Health and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mohd Hayati Othman said that initial investigations showed that the scantily clad guest was not a model nor a participant in the event.

“The individual is a transgender person who posed for photos in an inappropriate attire and uploaded them on social media. The person was also not a participant in the event but came in a personal capacity when the event ended,” he said.

He also said that they will take necessary action against the event organizers based on existing regulations and laws. Furthermore, he added that the state was considering enhancing the by-laws which govern entertainment and shows to reflect Kedah’s culture in the proper way.

It appears that fashion still has its limitations in Malaysia, so better cover up that chest before going out.

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