Japanese man dressed as The Joker injures 17 with knife in horrifying attack on Tokyo subway

Source: Tribun, Reuters

Shocking reports have emerged out of Japan’s capital city of Tokyo on Halloween after a Japanese man dressed as Batman villain The Joker orchestrated a rampant attack that injured over 17 people in one of the city’s express trains.

Knife-wielding man attacks 17 on train

The incident, which took place on 31st October 2021, saw the suspect, which has now been identified as 24-year-old Kyota Hattori, attack subway passengers on-board a train near Kokuryo station located on the outskirts of Tokyo. Armed with a knife, he is said to have left three people seriously injured during the attack, according to AP news agency citing the Tokyo Fire Department.

The Shinjuku bound train burst into an immediate state of panic, with many social media users who were present at the time filming passengers making a mad scramble to escape from the carriage when Kyota, dressed in what appears to be a purple overcoat and three-piece suit with a bright-green dress shirt underneath, removed a knife and stabbed a 70-year-old man that had been sitting next to him.

Japanese news agency NHK reports that after wounding a number of individuals with his knife, the suspect proceeded to then pour a liquid which resembled oil onto the train’s seats before setting them ablaze. He was then seen sitting calmly with one leg crossed over another, smoking a cigarette.

Suspect claims to be an ‘admirer’ of The Joker

Passengers were seen fleeing the train carriage in a state of panic, with many describing the scenes as ‘horrifying’. The railway operator of the train, Keio Corporation, said that the conductor had made an emergency stop at Kokuryo Station in order to evacuate passengers. Flames were seen in one of the carriages as passengers fled, with some trying to escape through the windows.

The suspect, Hattori Kyota.
Source: Tribun

The suspect reportedly told police upon his arrest that he was an ‘admirer’ of the Batman supervillain, Joker. He also requested for the death penalty, and hoped that he would receive capital punishment if he killed at least two people, reports NHK and Reuters. The chaos that ensued eerily mirrors a scene from Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joker blockbuster film, where the titular character was seen attack men on a train who had been mocking him.

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