“It’s really good” Korean tries out Maggi Ayam for the first time & absolutely loves it

Source: @man_zang via TikTok

Growing up, Malaysians would enjoy a warm bowl of Maggi noodles once in a while, reliving the nostalgic flavours of ayam (chicken), tomyam and curry. Many would also say that this popular noodle brand is part of our country’s culinary scene, therefore we could not be happier to share this tasty instant noodle with the world. Wishing to share this Malaysian delight with her friends, a Korean influencer decided to bring some packets back to South Korea so she could let them peek a taste, and turns out they really liked it!

Korean TikToker shares the delicious taste of Maggi with her friends in South Korea

@man_zang is a Korean influencer who is currently staying in KL. Source: @man_zang via TikTok

Korean TikTok user @man_zang who currently resides in KL just recently returned to South Korea, and she brought her friends a few Malaysian souvenirs. One of them being Maggi chicken flavour instant noodles!

In this wholesome clip, she and her friends gathered around to cook the noodles in the kitchen. She even beckoned the viewers using the Malaysian slang “Jom Jom! (directly translated to “Let’s go!”).

They started off their mini-cooking show by first boiling a pot of water, then adding in the noodles and the flavouring. While they were cooking, they even started singing out of the blue just like any pumped-up friends would do.

@man_zang Why no vegetable?#koreaninmalaysia #tiktokmalaysia #malaysiafoodie ♬ original sound – 🇰🇷🇲🇾manzang💚

“Tastes like spices!”

After a while, the noodles are ready to eat. @man_zhang later revealed that this was also her first time trying out Maggi, so she was very eager to review this dish with her friends. She took the first bite and gave a genuine compliment.

“It’s really good!” she said.

Source: @man_zang via TikTok

Her friends were somehow surprised that the Maggi does not come with any vegetables, unlike the ramen packets they have in their country. However, after they took a bite themselves, they were amazed at how good it tasted.

One of them even described that the soup tasted like spices, while another requested more water due to its strong flavor.

The friends enjoying the bowl of Maggi. Source: @man_zang via TikTok

They later paired the remaining noodles with some kimchi as they thought it was ramen. However, it was clear how much they really liked the soup when one of them belted it down in one go.

Many netizens were excited to see the Korean TikToker trying out this Malaysian comfort food, and even provided her more Maggi recommendations for her to try next!

Source: @man_zang via TikTok

Glad to see that our Korean friends also took a liking to Maggi!

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