“I love taking care of them”, Selfless 22yo M’sian quits her day job to become a caretaker at old folks home

Najwa sharing her passion for her job as a caretaker. Source: Najwa (TikTok)

When it comes to career choices, most people would have an idea of what they want to be and how they want to proceed. While some are certain of their career path, some may stumble upon something that interest them along the way and decided to proceed. Regardless, it’s definitely a joy to be able to find an occupation that you’re passionate about as it would make your job easier.

Selfless 22-year-old M’sian shares that she loves working as a caretaker at an old folks home

With that said, 22-year-old Najwa Natasya Mat Ramli has found her lifelong passion, by caring for the elderly at an old folks home. Taking onto her TikTok to share her passion, Najwa Natasya has shared that back in 2019, she has been working at an old folks home as a part time job.

Najwa finding her passion in being a caretaker for the elderly. Source: Najwa (TikTok)
Najwa finding her passion in being a caretaker for the elderly.
Source: Najwa (TikTok)

Subsequently, she managed to secure a full-time job for herself as a clerk in a factory located in Klang. After working as a clerk for 3 years, she has decided to resign and pursue a different career path. With the encouragement and blessings from her family, she began her full-time job as a caretaker at the same old folks’ home she was in back in 2019.

Speaking to Wau Post, Najwa has mentioned that she never thought of being a full-time caretaker until 2023. Prior to this, she never found the interest in being a caretaker but took up the job anyway as she had past experiences garnered from when she was working as a part timer.

Colouring with the elderly. Source: Najwa (TikTok)
Colouring with the elderly.
Source: Najwa (TikTok)

“I went from no interest to falling in love with my job and I thank God every day for giving me the strength and patience to continue this journey”, she said, revealing that working as a caretaker would require plenty of patience.

She shared that through this job, she was able to learn the true meaning of being compassionate while taking care of the elderlies there.

It’s not a place of abandonment, it’s a place filled with joy and laughter

Following that, Najwa shared that plenty of people would have the idea that old folks home in general would be a sad place where children would abandon their elderly parents there. Najwa revealed that the centre she currently works at is located in Ampang and it’s similar to a daycare centre, where working adults can drop their elderly parents here while they go to work.

Comforting an elderly to take a nap. Source: Najwa (TikTok)
Comforting an elderly to take a nap.
Source: Najwa (TikTok)

She shared that there are plenty of working adults who would pick their parents up every evening and send them over the next morning. She added on saying that all the elderlies in the centre must be brought home by their children or close family during the festive season. All medical fees and any costs needed to take care of the elderly will be borne by the children and according to Najwa, the elderly seems to be happy being there.

She then ended the interview saying that,

“To many this place may seem like a place for abandonment, but to me it’s a place filled with extra care.”

Thank you for sharing your passion with us Najwa, may you always be filled with patience and strength to carry on.

Watch the video below:


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