Delivery rider who survived cancer tearfully claims RM300 was withheld from him over cancelled orders

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In less than a period of two weeks, Malaysians across the country will be making preparations for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations this year. As one can expect, this can amount to be a pretty costly affair, what with new clothes, decorations, and other assorted festive needs.

Unfortunately for one food delivery rider, this Hari Raya may be a difficult one to ring in after he came to discover that a substantial amount of his pay was docked by his company.

Food delivery rider claims RM300 was withheld from him

In a clip that was uploaded by social media user Muhd Saifuddin Mustafa (@saifulxander) to his TikTok account, he took to airing his grouses over the fact that RM300 was withheld from his paycheque by foodpanda. Breaking down in tears from a mixture of frustration and desperation, he said that he was initially expecting to be paid RM800, but came to realise the amount was reduced to only RM500.

After checking with the company, Saifuddin claims he was told that the amount was taken out of his pay due to a high amount of order cancellations from his part.

Had survived cancer and was trying to get his life back on track

He has refuted the company’s allegations, and said that he has never cancelled any orders while maintaining a high delivery rate as a rider. Visibly shaken, the stage 3 cancer survivor laments the financial challenges he is now presented with due to the sudden reduction from his paycheque.

“RM300 is a huge amount for me! Especially because I really need money right now. I’ve had to pawn my car for RM5,000. I haven’t paid the rent on my house back in my village for six months.

I’ve just recovered from Stage 3 cancer and had to start from nothing. I’ve had to borrow RM1,000 from my foster mother to afford the deposit on a new motorcycle so I could work as a food delivery rider.” he said through tears.

And while he has since reached out to FoodPanda on the matter with proof of his claims, he said that the company told him that the payment remitted to his account was accurate.

Since his video went viral over social media, Saifuddin has been contacted by the Menteri Besar of Selangor, who has offered him assistance. Wau Post has reached out to foodpanda over this matter and are still awaiting a response from the company.

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