Angry man in Sabah uses backhoe loader to flip over JPJ officer’s SUV after being fined for not having a license

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How would you typically react when you return to your car, only to realise that you have been slapped with a fine while you were gone? Chances are, you’d probably feel either angered or annoyed, but eventually come to accept the fact that you’ll have to make an appearance at traffic court and pay off the amount. But in the case of one man from the state of Sabah, things took a far more dramatic turn.

Infuriated man in Sabah flips over JPJ SUV using backhoe loader after receiving a fine

As reported by local paper Berita Harian, officers from the Road Transportation Department (JPJ) in Sabah were in for a shock while conducting routine patrol operations along Jalan Kepayan near the village of Kampung Magatang. While carrying out their duties, one of the officers had flagged down a backhoe loader for inspection, after noting that the driver appeared suspicious.

Upon checking through his documents, the driver of the backhoe loader was found to not have a valid F Class License, which is issued to those operating tractors or wheeled light motorised machinery with an unloaded weight not exceeding 5,000 kilos.

No injuries were reported, but SUV sustained considerable damage

Given the circumstances, the officer proceeded to issue the driver a fine over the offense on the spot. Angered by the fact that he was issued a fine, the driver of the bulldozer proceeded to do the unthinkable and ram his backhoe loader into the side of the JPJ officer’s Toyota Fortuner SUV. Lifting the bucket, the driver proceeded to flip the SUV onto its side, causing substantial damage while enforcement officers attempted to dissuade him by the sides.

Video footage of the incident has since gone viral across social media. Thankfully, nobody appears to have been hurt as a consequence. According to Harian Metro, the 60-year-old backhoe loader operator has since been detained, and the case will be investigated under under Section 186 and 353 of the Penal Code for impeding a public servant from carrying out his duties, and Section 427 of the Penal Code for causing damage to property.

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