“It cost me RM13K in repairs,” M’sian man horrified to find car vandalised, urges witnesses to come forward

Parking your car and going about your day should be as simple as it sounds. And when you’re paying for parking, you’re paying for your car’s safety as well, right?

“It cost me RM13K in repairs,” M’sian man horrified to find car vandalised

Aereon Wong returned to find his car in a horrific state. Source: Aereon Wong (Instagram)

Unfortunately, this was not the case for Aereon Wong. In an Instagram reel, he shares his traumatizing experience after leaving his car in an open parking area.

According to the video, the incident was said to have taken place near a mall in Cheras on 27 August. Aereon explains that he had parked his car right next to the guard post, and paid a RM5 fee.

Instead of just paying RM5, the ‘parking’ cost him RM13K in total! At about 11pm, Aereon returned to find that his car windshield had been smashed. At first suspecting an accident, he circled around his car to examine how bad the damage was.

This was no accident

Someone had damaged his car on purpose as only certain parts were affected. Source: Aereon Wong (Instagram)

After surveying his car, Aereon concluded that this was no accident. “My side mirror and door handle were also damaged, and like it was done deliberately,” he said.

He also noted a yellow car parked next to him, which showed minor scratches and signs of damage as well. Luckily, Aereon’s car was still able to run as the vehicle only suffered external impacts.

The culprit also vandalized the car next to him. Fortunately, Aereon’s car was still able to operate. Source: Aereon Wong (Instagram)

However, the damage was done. After lodging a police report, Aereon consulted with his vehicle provider company. He reveals that the car would require about a whopping RM13K to cover the repair costs.

“If you have witnessed this, please DM me”

As of now, a police sergeant is providing updates to Aereon with regards to the investigation. It appears that the assailant had used a wooden chair to wreck the vehicle, based on the remnants scattered around the scene.

He encourages witnesses to come forward with any information to prevent the same mishaps from repeating. Source: Aereon Wong (Instagram)

Aereon ends his video with a short message to his viewers, asking for any witnesses to come forward. Speaking to Wau Post, he reiterates that his main concern is to prevent any similar happenings to other people. “My primary goal is to raise awareness of the incident and encourage authorities to take action for public safety. Finding the culprit is not my priority at the moment,” he adds.

If you have any information regarding the incident, do reach out to Aereon via his Instagram. Let’s hope that no such incidents will occur again.

Watch the video below:

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