19yo Johor man accused of repeatedly abusing stray dogs, including setting one on fire alive

19yo Johor man lighting the dog up on fire after hitting it with metal rod. Source: Leow Yee Chin (Facebook)
19yo Johor man lighting the dog up on fire after hitting it with metal rod. Source: Leow Yee Chin (Facebook)

While domesticated pet animals are often accustomed to being coddled and treated like family, stray animals that are born to the streets do not get to enjoy such privilege. Instead, many have to fend for themselves and depend on the kindness of humans to get by, while also being confronted by the risk of abuse.

This would unfortunately befall a group of stray dogs living around the Taman Impian Emas area in the state of Johor.

19yo Johor man allegedly attacks stray dogs, sets one on fire

The matter was first raised by Facebook user Leow, who urged local authorities to look into a case of animal cruelty involving two dogs. According to him, people from around the neighbourhood never had any trouble with the dogs as they have always been well-behaved. A local vet has also taken the extra step to make sure that they were both vaccinated and neutered.

Yet, they would be repeatedly abused by a male suspect, who was first seen throwing a vase at them on March 8th, 2023. This was subsequently followed by the suspect tossing stones and bricks at them six days later.

Things only took a turn for the worse when the suspect returned to the scene, this time allegedly beating up one of the dogs with a metal rod before setting it ablaze by its tail.

The dog could be seen running out from the stairway trying to save itself. It was suspected that the dog was unable to escape before it got lit on fire as it passed out from the beatings it had to endure. As a result, the dog has suffered multiple injuries, including 2 fractured legs and first to second-degree burns on its body.

Dog suffering multiple injuries. Source: Leow Yee Chin (Facebook)
The dog suffered multiple injuries as a result of the attack. Source: Leow Yee Chin (Facebook)

Commenting on the matter, local veterinarian Salehatul Khuzaimah M. Ali said that according to the footage, the dogs did not appear aggressive even in the face of the horrific abuse. The dogs have since been identified by local animal advocacy page Myforeverdoggo as Milo and Mommy.

Police report lodged, victim’s mother claims dogs chased her son

Following that, a police report has been lodged and the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) has launched an investigation into the matter. With the incident making viral headlines across social media, the implicated 19-year-old’s mother has since reached out to the vet to apologise, and asked for the report to be withdrawn.

Dog getting lit up on fire after getting hit by a metal rod. Source: Leow Yee Chin (Fscebook)
One of the dogs was seen being lit up on fire after being struck by the assailant. Source: Leow Yee Chin (Fscebook)

Apparently, she claimed on a separate Facebook post that the dog had allegedly attempted to attack her son previously, and apparently shared a police report indicating that her son suffered fractures as a result of being chased by the dogs in November of last year. She also described her son’s actions as a ‘trivial matter’.

The vet was said to have refused the apology. According to FMT, the case will now be investigated under Section 29 of the Animal Welfare Act which includes acts of cruelty against animals. Upon conviction, the young man may face a  jail sentence of 3 years, and/or a fine amounting to no less than RM20,000 and no more than RM100,000.

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